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Our passion for sales.
We specialise in three kinds of goods: customer returns, refurbished goods and surplus inventory. We know the market and we know what our customers need. We offer extensive experience in delivering goods to end users, extensive experience in selling goods to our partners, innovative IT technology that can meet all your requirements and technology that gives our partners access to important, process optimization data.

Our approach

Whether we are dealing with customers, suppliers, vendors or manufacturers, our approach is the same. We are flexible, transparent and co-operative.
Our customers know how, when and where we are delivering their products, and our contractors know exactly what they are going to receive and in what condition.
We have the flexibility to adapt to any situation and work hard to ensure our customers and partners get what they need, when they need it.

Our people

For many years our company has been managed by Ralf Hastedt and Christoph Burmester.

Ralf Hastedt

Ralf Hastedt

Ralf Hastedt established AVIDES in 1997 and has been its CEO ever since. His main responsibility is the re-marketing of
products from customer returns, refurbished goods and surplus inventory.

Christoph Burmester

Christoph Burmester

Christoph Burmester has been the Managing Director of AVIDES since 2004. He works mainly in the area of

Our services

We are your competent partner in all aspects of B2B.

We will understand your challenges and provide the right solution for your needs.


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New Name – Same Performance

From 1st April 2014, AVIDES has been trading online as SEDIVA. Click here to enter our new store.

AVIDES B2B enquiries

How can we help? If you have questions or comments related to our B2B services, please contact us today to speak to one of our business advisors.

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Environmental and Social Responsibility

To AVIDES it is really important to take responsibility. We are deeply indebted to the environment, the society, our customers, our providers and also to our staff members. Our goal is, to think and to work this way. We incorporate this demand in our daily business and advance those goals.