At the end of every season, or when new models of products appear, retailers and manufacturers are faced with the problem of unsold goods, or surplus inventory.
These use up valuable resources due to limited storage space and reducing volumes of sales. How can these remaining products be sold without disrupting the market and without any negative impact on the brand image? This is where we come in.

As Europe‘s leader of secondary product marketing, our 15 years of experience continues to benefit our customers.

The right distribution channels

We have an extensive network of 350 vendors throughout Europe and use contacts across Asia, Africa and the United States. This means we can find the best re-marketing channel and re-launch strategy for almost every order and product, ranging from socks to TV sets. We select the correct vendors, appropriate markets and re-distribution channels for both business and consumer markets, where we make sales on our own terms by using various online platforms.

The right processes

We screen customer returns using a precise identification process to separate, divide, categorize and re-screen. Each graded item is assigned a unique barcode, guaranteeing full compliance with the agreed terms and ensuring the greatest possible transparency when it reaches the final customer.

Our ability to screen, separate, sort and categorise products, along with our carefully selected distribution channels, means we can precisely market any product. Thanks to our experience and long-standing supplier relationships, we can guarantee our contracts.

Quality assurance

During the identification process that is applied to all of our products, each unit undergoes a thorough inspection program, ensuring only the best end quality is delivered. Our distribution channels are similarly subject to regular and strict internal quality controls.

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We have been professionally operating in the wholesale industry for over 10 years. Starting with electronics and electronic accessories, we have expanded our product portfolio to include everything from clothing to toys and pet supplies. Working together with over fifty wholesalers, manufacturers and our global network of trusted dealers, we provide our customers with an industry leading, professional and comprehensive service.


We have established and trusted relationships with over fifty partners and are always looking for new opportunities to strengthen our business network. If you are a distributor of electronics, accessories, toys, hardware products, clothing, sports equipment, pet supplies and other products for the B2C market, then please contact us to discuss your offering and how we can work together as partners.


AVIDES offers manufacturers the possibility of a direct partnership to promote their products to market. Our partners include companies such as Archos and HIS, who have raised brand awareness and driven sales throughout Europe using our ecommerce services.


We offer a wide range of available stock to bolster your offerings and expand your product ranges. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team.


We offer a wide range of clothing brands, in mixed pallets and as brand collections. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team.


To complement our long list of professional and unique services, AVIDES has extensive experience in the sale of large volumes of niche and specialty product groups. These are generally products with low brand impact or loyalty. Examples of these products include memory cards and cartridges where large manufactured volumes are produced but only purchased occasionally by consumers. We have the systems and services in place to deal with these volumes and unique items.

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Handling over 200,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 15 years’ experience as Amazon merchants.


Handling over 100,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 10 years’ experience as eBay traders with over a million satisfied customers.


Allyouneed is the e-commerce offering from DHL and is commonly known as MeinPaket.de.


Operating online as Sediva, Sotel offers a great variety of products and goods available for sale.


Peradulti is the online AVIDES adult brand, offering a variety of products and goods in this category.

Returned goods packaging and marketing

For defective and used goods returned to manufacturers that cannot be resold as new, AVIDES offers a solution for remarketing that includes the purchase and resale of products as B or C –Ware. The solution provides a stock free solution for the manufacturer but and new customers for the brand.

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