We are one of Europe‘s largest online retailers, selling a wide range of products using all of the leading online platforms.

Sales can be made through single or multiple platforms, on up to 15 different portals as
well as via the AVIDES brand store. When it comes to using Amazon, eBay or Hitmeister, we know exactly what’s needed to comply with regulations. It is this expertise and experience that mean optimal sales opportunities for our customers‘ products.

When distributors and manufacturers want to introduce products to the market via the Internet, we can provide professional assistance with selecting the right distribution channels, taking into account local conditions and of course the customer‘s requests regarding the way the product is presented. We currently work directly with more than 50 companies in wholesale trade as well as with manufacturers.

We can even help with brand marketing by creating and managing an online store and customer service website on behalf of vendors or distributors.
Let us know your needs, and we‘ll do what we can to help.

Success in business needs solid foundations, which is why we preserve long-term
relationships with our customers. At the heart of our business is the belief that direct communication and transparency are essential to successful collaboration. Therefore we also ensure that the goods that come to us are introduced to the market exactly as our customers wish.

What type of goods do we buy and sell?

We actively manage the sale of approximately 200,000 SKU´s, dealing in everything from electronic goods and accessories to toys, clothes, pet products and designer clothing. We manage huge databases and arrange mass sales of niche and special-purpose products.
Refurbished customer returns and surplus inventory are sold exclusively online at the request of the manufacturer.
Creating a bespoke and custom made solution that is tailored to our customers is what defines us as a market leader in the industry.

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To complement our long list of professional and unique services, AVIDES has extensive experience in the sale of large volumes of niche and specialty product groups. These are generally products with low brand impact or loyalty. Examples of these products include memory cards and cartridges where large manufactured volumes are produced but only purchased occasionally by consumers. We have the systems and services in place to deal with these volumes and unique items.

To understand more about this service contact  vertrieb@avides.com


Handling over 200,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 15 years’ experience as Amazon merchants.


Handling over 100,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 10 years’ experience as eBay traders with over a million satisfied customers.


Allyouneed is the e-commerce offering from DHL and is commonly known as MeinPaket.de.


Operating online as Sediva, Sotel offers a great variety of products and goods available for sale.


Peradulti is the online AVIDES adult brand, offering a variety of products and goods in this category.


In partnership with AVIDES, we provide manufacturers with the expertise and means to optimize marketing activities and raise brand awareness of their products on the European market. Our services include building online web stores, developing branded eBay shops and marketing products throughout all the major online platforms in Europe and worldwide. Our supporting services include product warehousing, storage and shipping requirements, customer service and returns processing, and repair in selected product groups.
We have many years of experience in brand marketing for well-known manufacturers.

To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team on vertrieb@avides.com.

Victor Brand Shop eBay

Victor, sports specialists in equipment for table tennis, tennis, squash and badminton, trade on eBay using a professionally designed eBay shop developed by AVIDES. In the solution, AVIDES created an engaging look and feel that complimented and encompassed the Victor brand and built supporting services around the solution to provide shipping and customer service operations to create an end to end package.

Lindy Brand Shop eBay

Lindy offers high-quality cable and network accessory components via their professionally designed eBay shop provided by AVIDES.

Amazon listings

AVIDES works directly with the manufacturer holding the stock to present the products to Amazon. AVIDES offers a flexible service that allows the manufacturer to either define the marketing and branding of the products or allow AVIDES to manage this as a full service. Our full service offering provides manufacturers with complete control over the final presentation of the products but takes advantage of the years of experience AVIDES can bring to optimize sales.

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