Customer returns re-marketing

In today’s e-commerce industry, increasing volumes of online sales inevitably leads to
larger numbers of product returns. Given the popularity and rate at which online shopping
is becoming easier to do – including returns, the management of unwanted sales is an increasing problem for businesses.

Similarly, the process of refurbishing goods and preparing them for re-sale swallows
valuable resources. Products arrive with very different technical requirements: from good as new to those with very visible wear. Each product requires an individual description and where the number of goods described per batch varies, the process becomes more complex.

As Europe‘s leader of secondary marketing we can help.

By using our own, in-house refurbishment capability, and our European network of vendors, we market goods with attention to detail at every stage of the process, including customer guidelines on regional sales coverage.

The benefits are obvious: fewer slow moving items and lower costs in managing returns,
without unnecessary risk and in a transparent manner. This way, we optimize the creation of a value chain by protecting the market and the product brand.

Your goods are safe with us

By applying well-thought-out identification procedures we ensure that each product we
receive is properly sorted, and by assigning company codes in the identification process, we
can follow each product to its arrival with the end user. This way, we comply with all the necessary regulations and guidelines.

Distribution channels are carefully chosen to optimize the re-launching process.

As shown by our experience so far, we always fulfil our commitments.

Our network of vendors

From electronics to toys, clothes and more, our extensive network of vendors mean we find the best re-marketing channels for your products, and the right re-launch strategy for where you want to sell them.

In the case of damaged goods from customer returns, we operate by establishing B2B partnerships. Vendors of refurbished goods operate mainly in retail and establish direct relationship with customers. Taking into account the limited distribution capability, we carefully select the countries and organisations we work with.

Assessment and quality policy

Providing the highest quality service is our top priority. Once goods have been identified, they undergo further processes in separate groups to determine any further actions required. Following this, the product may be immediately marketed, sent for repair or disposed of.

Our assessment system ensures the quality and successful re-launch of products for selected B2C sales channels that are agreed with the manufacturer.

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We have been professionally operating in the wholesale industry for over 10 years. Starting with electronics and electronic accessories, we have expanded our product portfolio to include everything from clothing to toys and pet supplies. Working together with over fifty wholesalers, manufacturers and our global network of trusted dealers, we provide our customers with an industry leading, professional and comprehensive service.


We have established and trusted relationships with over fifty partners and are always looking for new opportunities to strengthen our business network. If you are a distributor of electronics, accessories, toys, hardware products, clothing, sports equipment, pet supplies and other products for the B2C market, then please contact us to discuss your offering and how we can work together as partners.


AVIDES offers manufacturers the possibility of a direct partnership to promote their products to market. Our partners include companies such as Archos and HIS, who have raised brand awareness and driven sales throughout Europe using our ecommerce services.


We offer a wide range of available stock to bolster your offerings and expand your product ranges. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team.


We offer a wide range of clothing brands, in mixed pallets and as brand collections. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team.


To complement our long list of professional and unique services, AVIDES has extensive experience in the sale of large volumes of niche and specialty product groups. These are generally products with low brand impact or loyalty. Examples of these products include memory cards and cartridges where large manufactured volumes are produced but only purchased occasionally by consumers. We have the systems and services in place to deal with these volumes and unique items.

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Handling over 200,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 15 years’ experience as Amazon merchants.


Handling over 100,000 products from a variety of categories including electronics, toys, clothing and footwear to sports equipment, leisure and adult ranges, we have over 10 years’ experience as eBay traders with over a million satisfied customers.


Allyouneed is the e-commerce offering from DHL and is commonly known as


Operating online as Sediva, Sotel offers a great variety of products and goods available for sale.


Peradulti is the online AVIDES adult brand, offering a variety of products and goods in this category.

Marketing of B -Ware

In the case of a large German manufacturer of premium speakers, AVIDES provided a solution for a product range that was technically perfect for sale at grade A, but only grade B optically. AVIDES met the challenge by supporting both the grading requirements and retaining the brand integrity of the manufacturer.

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