We are committed to the responsible use of resources, recycling and using recycled goods
where we can. In the order handling process and during identification of goods we re-use
paper and cardboard that is then recycled, as are any plastics we use.


Reduction of CO₂ emissions and overall energy savings are important to us. Our shipping operations are carbon neutral, we have state-of-the-art electrical and lighting systems,
well insulated warehouses, condensing boiler technology for waste heat recovery and
a system for automatic disconnection of the power supply after an alarm.

Renewable energy

We use eco-power obtained from renewable energy sources and have our own photovoltaic
system for obtaining electricity from sunlight; so far we have managed to avoid 1,226.82 t of CO₂ emission. The next step is to take advantage of „Power-to-Gas“ technology to store wind energy in the form of gas.

Photovoltaic system
The maximum output of the system is 499.5 kWp (kilowatt-peak).
The average annual amount of stored energy is equivalent to 400,000.00 kWh.
This has prevented the production of 1,226.82 t of CO₂ emissions so far.

Saving our common energy

We are proud to say that we actively contribute to help support environmental issues as
part of our company culture and it’s the ideas of our employees that has led to the use of energy saving lighting systems and recycling paper and cardboard articles.


As in business, we are equally committed to supporting local environmental issues. We are
firmly and clearly against the use of hydraulic fracturing methods (fracking) to acquire oil
and natural gas. Quite simply, we are against this technology because of the risks that it brings to our environment.