AVIDES Hemsbünde

Avidesweg 1, 27386 Hemsbünde, Germany

AVIDES Rotenburg 1

Heinrich-Schelper-Str. 2, 27356 Rotenburg, Germany

AVIDES Rotenburg 2

Hermann-Schlüter-Str. 1, 27356 Rotenburg, Germany

AVIDES.PL sp. z o.o.

ul. Magazynowa 7, 80-180 Gdańsk


Lumonics House, Valley Drive

Rugby, CV21 1TQ, UK

AVIDES North East

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AVIDES in Germany, Poland and United Kingdom

Personal Contact

It’s important to us that we are local to our markets and our customers. This is why we have premises in Germany, Poland and the UK – each of these locations focuses on a different area of activity to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

Our UK team concentrates on procurement and new business development.
Products sourced by the UK are sold by our experienced B2B trading team based in Germany and Poland. Our warehouse in Poland supports AVIDES Germany HQ by acting as the central distribution point for customer returns and surplus inventory in Poland and across Eastern Europe.

AVIDES Hemsbünde


Headquarter: Hemsbünde

Our IT, marketing and technical support staff are located at our head office in Hemsbünde where nearby, we have warehouses with a total area of 12,000 m2.

Avidesweg 1 27386 Hemsbünde Germany

Rotenburg I


Capacity for flexibility in Rotenburg.

In 2008 we attained an additional 7,100 m2 warehouse in Hemsbünde near Rotenburg where we employ 15 people to manage B2B goods storage.

Heinrich-Schelper-Str. 2 27356 Rotenburg Germany

Rotenburg II


Even more space for more goods in Rotenburg II.

In 2013 we created another facility in Rotenburg with 7,100 pallet spaces in an area of 8,100m2. We employ 20 people here.

Hermann-Schlüter-Str. 1 27356 Rotenburg Germany

AVIDES.PL sp. z o.o.

Gdansk, Poland

The gateway to Eastern Europe: AVIDES Gdansk / Poland.

Opened in 2013, this location can accommodate around 2,000 pallets with goods that can be viewed and picked up by our customers locally. The business focus of this location is primarily the remarketing of goods however, there are products of all categories marketed from Gdansk in Eastern Europe.

ul. Magazynowa 7 80-180 Gdańsk-Kowale Poland


Rugby, United Kingdom

Our experts for your business: AVIDES UK.

Opened in 2010, AVIDES UK has supported the growth of purchasing and remarketing on the other side of the English Channel. The business focus of this location is on purchasing, refurbishment and remarketing.

Lumonics House, Valley Drive Rugby, CV21 1TQ, UK United Kingdom

AVIDES North East

South Shields, UK

New location for B2C business: AVIDES North East

AVIDES North East mainly deals with the online marketing of goods to B2C customers.
Our managing director Mark Penn and his 16 employees look after numerous items and ship them directly from the warehouse.

1 Garwood Street, Tyne & Wear South Shields, NE33 5AG, UK United Kingdom