That’s it the GoGreen-Cerificate 2015. During last year we could balance the equivalent of 204.70 to. of CO2 by using climate neutral GoGreen products and services.


Carbon Management by Deutsche Post DHL Group compensates greenhouse gas emissions caused by logistics and transportation by encouraging climate prevention projects:

– efficient cookers, Lesotho (CDM 5482, GS 913)
– biogas-programme for private households, China (CDM 2898, GS 1239)
– wind power station, Nicaragua (CDM 2315, GS 567)
– Ceramic water conditioners, Kambodscha (VER, GS 1020)
– biosand water filters, Honduras (VER, GS 1290)
– alternative forms of irrigation, Indien (VER, GS 1309)
– landfill gas power plant, Türkei (VER, GS 440)
– reforestation, Panama (VER, GS 2557, CCBS, FSC)
– reforestation, Uganda (VCSR 610/612, CCBS)

For more information about Carbon Management and the GoGreen climate protection projects please refer to: