The renewed hompage and online shop of Shakti Milan have been recently online.
A new homepage and the shop of Shakti Milan has recently gone online.
We are pleased to put our knowledge especially in online-sales and our support into such an amazing and sensible project.

Shakti Milan Nepal – this is a group of Nepalese women that creates high-grade bags in any form out of remanufactured materials like as ricebags.
Every single bag is an unique piece done by hand.
Numerously of these bags, currently sewn by a group of 12 women – in an especially equipped studio – have been sold in Nepal, Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
By earning their own money, they get the chance of establishing economic and social acceptance.



Mainly we support Shakti Milan Nepal by storing and distributing their products.
But of course we are at their side with words and deeds regarding the online shop and web design.

See for yourself!